Best Matryoshka Nesting Dolls You Never Knew Existed

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Nesting dolls – the most famous and popular Russian souvenir

These painted wooden multi-figured dolls appeared in Russia at the end of the XIX century on the wave of the rise of the Russian style in art. In Paris, at the World Exhibition in 1900, the Russian nesting dolls received worldwide recognition. Today, craftsmen are experimenting with coloring and even the shape of dolls, sometimes it is not just a souvenir, but also a collection figurine and a work of art.

Nesting dolls won the hearts of many lovers of Russian culture around the world. This Russian beauty is considered to be one of the best souvenirs and gifts. In lovers of folk toys and beautiful souvenirs, the doll is in great demand and popularity. Today the nested doll is considered not just a wooden toy kids can play with drawings painted on it, but a real keeper and symbol of Russian culture.

For tourists, this is a whole relic symbolizing the broad Russian soul and the most beautiful turning skills

Beautiful nesting dolls are also for many collectible. After all, the variety of nesting dolls is striking in its beauty and beautiful painting. It can depict various plots from Russian folk tales or beautiful landscapes and sights of remote Russian corners. You can buy a nested doll here at a fairly reasonable price and absolutely real, and not a fake made in China. Here you will find real Russian beauties of dolls exclusively handmade. In their manufacture all traditional technologies are used and the painting has real artistic value.

Throughout Russia, there are even entire museums of nesting dolls in which various specimens are presented. These museums tell about the history of the origin of Russian nesting dolls and the mystery of its manufacture. Such a handmade Russian doll will be a wonderful souvenir personifying unlimited Russian culture. And her personality and beautiful art painting will allow her to truly become a precious object in your souvenir collection. Nesting dolls is considered a true Russian gift.

Gifts “with a secret” will never be lost, and your brand, decorating mantels and bookshelves, will live forever. The nesting dolls gained unprecedented recognition as one of the all-embracing images of Russia, a symbol of Russian folk art.

Nesting dolls is considered a traditional Russian souvenir, the most popular among Russians and foreign guests. Even in the most distant countries from Russia they know about the nesting dolls, a wooden painted toy “with a secret”. Nested dolls are brought home by tourists from Europe and America; dolls are collected by lovers of exotic in Australia and South Africa; dolls attract fans of folk art with its simplicity and originality. Bright picturesque dolls decorate the mantels and bookshelves in the homes of thousands of Russians.

Choose Russian souvenirs as a gift – the best way to surprise

Do you like to give presents? Or more like to receive them? Waiting for a holiday is a special atmosphere, bringing with it joyful anticipation and faith in miracle. No matter how you treat holidays, you will certainly agree that everyone loves to receive presents.

Each person has his own idea of how to choose a gift and how to present it, but most of us will not argue with the fact that Russian hand-made souvenirs and carrying a piece of warmth and an imprint of the soul made by their master will be a gift that is appropriate.

Professionalscan help you to purchase Russian souvenirs

They use to work with wholesale and retail customers both, both in Russia and abroad. They can help to select a gift, advice on the quality and cost, as well as dimensions, materials from which a particular product is made and storage conditions, as well as carries out delivery at a convenient time for you.

Russian souvenir that conquered the world

If you ask any foreigner what he associates with Russia, he will name the nesting dolls among other symbols that are firmly rooted in the minds of people such as vodka, balalaika and the bear. And it’s absolutely certain that every overseas guest who visited our capital will be sure to ask: “Where to buy a nesting dolls doll in Moscow?”

But it would seem that such an amazing thing in the traditionally Russian painted wooden toy for children? After all, her secret was unraveled more than a hundred years ago. Perhaps the secret of great popularity lies in the true Russian style, in dissimilarity to collectible dolls from other countries. And, perhaps, the fact that, in their production, manual labor is still used predominantly, and each craftsman who grinds and paints the next family of nesting dolls or fabulous animals puts a particle of his soul into them.

One way or another, but the dolls continue to evoke a keen interest among foreigners. For them, this is almost the most desired souvenir. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of our compatriots who go abroad often prefer to buy dolls in bulk, choosing traditional dolls in the form of girls in sundresses or small key chains.

Original gifts with or without reason

Gifts can be given anytime and to anyone, as they say, “Just like that.” And here the nesting dolls can be the best option unobtrusive, light, non-binding and, at the same time, original and uplifting. Of course, we are not talking about expensive collectibles. But if a souvenir is cheap, then is it necessary to deny yourself the pleasure of giving joy to people?

  • It is easy to choose a “nested doll” as a gift in our online store. The entire range is clearly presented in the illustrated catalog. By clicking on the photo, you can see not only the size of the toy you like, but also those dolls that are inside it. Some fairy tale characters harbor real surprises. The same bear Winnie and other animals, or, for example, a politician or a big doll Nastya “Domovichok.” However, we will not reveal secrets ahead of time.
  • As in the case of the “Souvenir” factory, its transfer into private hands has fundamentally changed the range of manufactured products, including nesting dolls, has significantly increased their artistic level. Now you do not recognize the modest Vyatka doll. In addition to traditional nesting dolls, as well as characteristic nesting dolls with straw inlay, the factory produces a large assortment of so-called designer nesting dolls, which are distinguished by a rich design and subject painting. In the city of Nolinsk there is even a museum of dolls, the exhibits of which are many dolls produced at the Vyatsky Souvenir Factory.

In addition to dolls, our range includes a variety of designer souvenirs made in the traditional Russian style. These are toys for dolls, Khokhloma dishes, and brownie figures, and boxes, and much more. Choose and surprise with unexpected surprises of your relatives, friends, relatives or just random acquaintances.