Choosing The Love Bracelet That Is Perfect For You

With this heading, most style-conscious men should first think of well-fitting chinos, a trendy shirt and matching sneakers. However, some gentlemen forget that even more belongs to a perfectly rounded outfit namely the right jewelry. That’s why love bracelets for men are so popular right now. They come in countless variations because they add the icing on the cake to every look. We will introduce you to the most popular variations in the following blog article and tell you which love bracelet suits your outfit best.

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You prefer the casual look and prefer dark shades like dark brown, black or burgundy? Then you make the right choice with leather love bracelet men. Such a love bracelet is best combined as a watch strap with a separate watch or directly as a contrast to a braided men’s love bracelet. Very good is the leather love bracelet gentlemen who wear a plaid or plain-colored shirt with casual blue jeans. This creates a completely cool and fashionable look.

Pearl love bracelets emphasize casual and casual looks

Similar to leather love bracelets, a love bracelet with pearls can perfectly round off your casual, casual look. Especially popular are models with colored wooden beads, which are not too big and not too flashy. Such a men’slove bracelet can be combined well with garments in emerald green, burgundy or navy. With a model that is in darker natural tones and has round, small pearls, you certainly make no mistake.

Anchor love bracelets complete summery styles

As the days get longer, an anchor love bracelet will fit quite outstanding. These maritime elements arouse both your and the viewer a typical holiday and freedom feeling. In addition, the anchor on a men’s love bracelet is a real eye-catcher, which will draw all eyes on you. The anchor should not be too big and not too cheesy. Otherwise it would just be too much. It’s up to you to choose a silver or gold anchor. However, there is a rule of thumb. Tanned skin goes well with gold bracelets, while steel or silver looks better on lighter skin. For example, add another color-patterned men’s love bracelet, white, tight chinos and a chambray shirt to your anchor love bracelet to make your maritime look perfect.

Linen love bracelets with snap hooksa highlight to the checked shirt

Wristbands consisting of ropes and snap hooks are also very popular at the moment. Such a men’slove bracelet can look very high quality and grown-up, if it is kept narrow and dark, because then it emphasizes the wrist optimally. It is still discreetly in the background and goes well with fine shoes, plaid shirt and rough jeans.

Golden men’s love bracelets for upscale looks

The classic among men’s love bracelets is the gold model. It automatically affects quality and of course, such a men’s love bracelet also has its price. But this also pays off, because with good care, a gold love bracelet for men is very durable. Since these love bracelets are timelessly beautiful and always in fashion, you are sure to make no mistake with the purchase. A gold love bracelet goes well with traditional colors like Navy and is perfect for upscale professional or private occasions. In particular, men who have a slightly darker skin, make a good choice with a men’s love bracelet made of gold. Make sure that it is simply designed, because the material alone is already very valuable and noble, so that the principle less is more clearly applies here. Also, you need to make sure you are not fighting someone because gold can be fatal.

Stylish yet casual: the silver men’s love bracelet

Also very stylish, but still casual, the men’s love bracelet made of silver. It suits both the jeans and the stylish suit. Especially good are silver love bracelets for men who have a lighter skin tone. The color selection in these variants ranges from light to dark. You are well advised with the following styling tip. Wear it in the corporate style with a dark jeans and a darker pea coat to create a coherent overall picture.

    • What different love bracelets there are and which love bracelet is currently in fashion for women? The experts inform about one of the most popular jewelry of all time and present the latest love bracelets, love bracelets and bangles to order. On to the current online shop.
    • Love bracelets are worn almost as long as there are people. Already in the Paleolithic there were decorative bands and multi-link chains, which were mostly made of natural materials such as bones, animal teeth or shells, up until now in computer age where there are many modern bracelets related to computers.
    • These pieces of jewelry became even more popular after it was discovered in the Bronze Age, how metal can be processed and turned into a precious shiny love bracelet. So not only the love bracelet for ladies, but also the masculine edition for men enjoyed great popularity. Depending on the model, the love bracelet for men was also a symbol of wealth, dignity or power. This decorative accessory was therefore even the coronation of German emperors.

But back to the most graceful love bracelets of all time the love bracelet for women. The feminine arm jewelry has been around for millennia to a perfect all-round outfit and is now available in a variety of materials and designs. And who wants to have a say in fashion, of course, should know the most common models:

The obligatory basic equipment of every woman of course includes a timeless love bracelet for women, which is made of the finest sterling silver, real gold or high-quality stainless steel and consists of individual, interlocking limbs. From filigree gold love bracelet over massive love bracelets made of silver to modern stainless steel love bracelet for women, this metal arm jewelry in all imaginable lengths and styles to have. The special forms of metallic love bracelets for women include special models such as the curb chain, the link chain and the king chain love bracelet.

The pearl love bracelet is also an absolute classic:

Made of precious South Sea pearls for a long time, pearl love bracelets have long been considered a coveted status symbol. Delicately shimmering cultured pearls made the pearl love bracelet for ladies more affordable and a classic in every jewelry box.

Meanwhile, a must for any fashion-conscious lady is the leather love bracelet, which was originally worn by men and has long since conquered the ladies. Leather love bracelets offer a pleasantly soft comfort and give any outfit a trendy Rock starstyle. At the online companies, you can order the leather jewelry in many fashionable designs from the simple belt-look model, to braided and multi-row leather love bracelets, to the super cool leather and stainless steel stud love bracelet. Especially popular, a wrap love bracelet made of leather, which is wrapped several times around the wrist.

Then of course there is the so-called Friendship Love bracelet made of colorful cotton yarn. The friendship love bracelet can be both made and bought and look particularly nice on the wrist when they come in a large circle of friends.

The charm love bracelet for ladies, who want to discover their great passion for collecting and to tell a very personal story with their arm jewelry, is also enjoying great popularity. Because beggar love bracelets, which are usually made of gold, silver or stainless steel, have special charm pendants and become unique with individually selected charms and beads.